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About the new CIRCA Site

We have re-organised the CIRCA website into series of semi-autonomous projects and commissions. When you hover on the subheadings below, a short description will appear. We are still working out problems, we appreciate feedback via Contact.

New texts will be published on the first Wednesday of each month.

CIRCA Open Call: Archive Project Editor

In November 2021 CIRCA celebrated the 40th anniversary of its first issue. Over the years it has been a bi-monthly then a quarterly print magazine (1981 – 2009) and an online publication (2002 – present). The magazine has published features, artist projects, and reviews, creating a rich trove of written and visual material. The primary focus has been art and visual culture in the context of the island of Ireland.

What goes round, comes round – art and issues written about in the CIRCA archive regularly find new relevance in the contemporary art world, but equally intriguing perhaps are those topics that feel quite removed from our present concerns.

CIRCA is calling for a project editor to propose new, exciting ways to engage with the CIRCA archive.

This is a small-scale, flexible editorial project which we hope will be attractive to try out editorial ideas. There is a fee of €800 for the selected project editor who will have a disposable budget of €3,000 to cover contributor fees.

Send us your proposals including a project outline, a short bio and a CV to by Friday 24 June.

We will get back to all by Friday 1 July. The project is to be completed by 30 June 2023.
The CIRCA Archive for printed issues is here.

A New Mission Statement

CIRCA has a new mission statement. It is not so much a change of direction, rather a renewed emphasis on how we see our engagement with artworks and art practices. We are in effect taking stock of what we have published over the past few years, but also reckoning with a changing publication landscape in Ireland, our lack of success in accessing public funding, and the effects of COVID-19 on the arts and elsewhere. (more…)