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About the new CIRCA Site

We have re-organised the CIRCA website into series of semi-autonomous projects and commissions. When you hover on the subheadings below, a short description will appear. We are still working out problems, we appreciate feedback via Contact.

New texts will be published on the first Wednesday of each month.

A New Mission Statement

CIRCA has a new mission statement. It is not so much a change of direction, rather a renewed emphasis on how we see our engagement with artworks and art practices. We are in effect taking stock of what we have published over the past few years, but also reckoning with a changing publication landscape in Ireland, our lack of success in accessing public funding, and the effects of COVID-19 on the arts and elsewhere. (more…)


MICKY DONNELLY (1952-2019)

Micky Donnelly holds a special place here at CIRCA, and his passing has affected us greatly. Micky was an important contributor in the early years of the magazine, in the first issue alone – in November 1981 – he led an interview with Felim Egan and wrote a review of Alistair Wilson. We are dedicating this archive week to him as a contributor as well as a significant artist who was regularly written about in our pages. (more…)