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We have re-organised the CIRCA website into series of semi-autonomous projects and commissions. When you hover on the subheadings below, a short description will appear. We are still working out problems, we appreciate feedback via Contact.

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MICKY DONNELLY (1952-2019)

Micky Donnelly holds a special place here at CIRCA, and his passing has affected us greatly. Micky was an important contributor in the early years of the magazine, in the first issue alone – in November 1981 – he led an interview with Felim Egan and wrote a review of Alistair Wilson. We are dedicating this archive week to him as a contributor as well as a significant artist who was regularly written about in our pages. (more…)

Degree Shows 2018: Writers’ Choice

On Wednesday 25 July we are publishing the last of the Writers’ Choice from DIT and NCAD B.A and MFA Degree Shows. Texts by Kate Antosik-Parsons, Philip Kavanagh, Mary Conlon, Cac O’Day and Alice Butler.