In the interest of a healthy and open debate, we very much welcome the responses of Mabel Chah, from Sligo Global Kitchen, and Emer McGarry, Interim Director at The Model, to Adam Burthom’s text on the Turbulence symposium organised by The Model on the 8th of March. We would like to emphasise, however, that Burthom’s critique was not aimed at the Global Kitchen project – which is a really great initiative facilitated by The Model, offering much needed opportunities for people in Direct Provision – nor even at the intentions of the organisers, but very specifically in how the event was staged and how The Model situated and partially excluded the Sligo Global Kitchen’s participants within the frame of the symposium. The text also touches on the all too common problematic disconnection between the avowed content of an event and its form – its presentation and organisation – which is by no means particular to The Model.

Adam Burthom / Turbulence at The Model

Response from the Sligo Global Kitchen

Response from The Model

Earlier this year we published a text by Sara Villarreal de Hough on the very interesting Turbulence exhibition: Sara Villarreal de Hough / Turbulence