The Degree Shows 2018: Writers’ Choice series is coming to a close for this year. Like last year, we aimed to cover every graduate shows taking place in May-June. To this end we commissioned twenty writers to respond to the work of their chosen graduate(s) from eleven BA Degree Shows and two MFA shows on the island of Ireland.

Over the past few weeks, it has been very exciting to read about this new generation of artists. We would like to thank the writers for their insightful, sincere and often moving engagement with the work they choose to discuss.

We are looking forward to see how these artists and their peers will continue to develop through their careers, and we hope that, like last year, some will take the time to write about the work of others and become new contributors to CIRCA Art Magazine. We believe it is essential to have artists themselves writing about art, their own and their peer’s as they offer vital perspectives on current practices.

Michaële (project editor) and Chris (associate editor)

Post-Scriptum: The emphasis of this series of commissions is on the writer’s choice and as we do not monitor these choices, eventually overlaps will occur, as it did in this last series. We think the overall richness and diversity of the texts amply make up for it.