Part 1
Introduction | Peter FitzGerald
"An avalanche, a transformation..." | Declan Long
Critical Masses: Towards a New Medium for Art Criticism | Suzanne van der Lingen
The Hope for an Open Wound | Chris Fite-Wassilak
Art Criticism - Disrupting or Creating Consensus? | Sarah Tuck
Critical Fantasies | Matt Packer
Say who I am: Or a Broad Private Wink | Maria Fusco
Art Criticism and Writing as Failure: "That is not what I meant at all." | Imelda Barnard
Part 2: Responses
Sci-fi Décors have no Bookshelves | Isobel Harbison
Not Utopia, Just its Possibility | Michaële Cutaya
Criticism and Criteria | Ed Krčma
Criticism? | Justin McKeown
Re: Circulation (An invitation...) | Chris Clarke
Stupid Judgment | James Merrigan
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