Ever thought it odd that we use the verbal to review the nonverbal – that we use written reviews to comment on / explain / judge art exhibitions and events? Is there a way of using imagery instead to deal with imagery?

Online visual reviews are a new experiment on recirca.com. What is a visual review? It’s one without text, using imagery instead to convey a sense of / assessment of an art exhibition or event.

A visual review should (a) be an image or series of images; (b) be a (visual) review of the show in question; and (c) have a logic to it that can be described in words. This final, paradoxical requirement is to counteract any tendency to diverge too far from the matter in hand; the verbal justification of the visual review will not be published online, but it must be sent to the editor along with the image(s).

Our other stipulations are as for written online reviews: reviews here (a) deal with exhibitions or art events in Ireland, or by artists from Ireland, and / or (b) are written by reviewers in Ireland or from Ireland.

We welcome submissions of reviews. They will be placed on our website if they satisfy these criteria, are recent, and are of magazine standard.

The reviews should not have appeared / be about to appear elsewhere, unless agreed with the editor.

I am afraid we do not at the moment have funds to pay for online reviews.

Please e-mail any submissions to editor@recirca.com.