Yay! We have just got our first videocast online – here. Have a look; its footage recorded by Barbara Knezevic at the ID&A Fair last week.

Those who were not at the Fair will know it under its previous incarnation as Art 07 and Art 08. Attendance on the opening night seemed better than last year, the feel was improved, and the mood seemed subdued but positive.

Circa was there. In fact, we had a fine booth. Pity our showing was less than magnificent. We have a list of excuses – going to print, underresourced, underfinanced – but basically we’ll have to do a lot better next year. We think we’ll run an artist’s project next time round (assuming we’re invited back).

But: don’t miss out on the Circa Salon next week. It’s on Friday, at thisisnotashop. More information here.