by Barbara Knezevic

Darklight Film Festival held its inaugural benefit at the Sugar Club on Sunday, with quite a stellar line-up, featuring David Kitt responding with a mesmerising live performance to a remix of Dublin: The Movie. Dublin-based electronic artist Somadrone performed, with sounds that veered between delicate nuanced manipulations and cavity-rattling sonics.

As we are all only too aware by now, the importance of DIY fund-raising in the new economy is paramount. Darklight have responded positively by holding this benefit to support their work and the 2009 Darklight Festival. In return their supporters got a great night out. Smiles all round then.

Bashni Chetty, Roslyn Dovan, Miriam ODonoghue, Susan Andrews, Barry Lenane give it up for Darklight
Bashni Chetty, Roslyn  Dovan, Miriam O’Donoghue, Susan Andrews, Barry Lenane showing their support at Darklight: The Benefit

Fiona and Jessie at Darklight: The Benefit
Fiona and Jessie at Darklight: The Benefit

Jamie, Hannah, Grainne and friend clearly enjoying their beverages.

Shannon Moncrief and Trish Grove

Somadrone gives it all he’s got for Darklight.

Tanya White, Anne Dehaan and Declan Lynch show their love for Darklight.

Sheila Nomanory, Aine Beamish, Annie Tierney, Kiki Beamish.