It’s a learning curve. WordpPress shut me out entirely for a few days. Had to reload the lot (all two blogs). Still don’t know why some of the links go nowhere.

A frequent criticism we field at Circa is that the website is, well, shite. A more occasional comment is that it’s brilliant. Skipping past the excuses (time; funds; funds=time), it is odd the things that have or have not worked on the site. I thought, for example, that ‘Young Circa’ would be a fantastic resource on the site. The idea was to upload portfolios of A-grade work by Junior Cert and Leaving Cert students, plus successful college-entry portfolios (plus their Northern Ireland equivalents). Result: one portfolio over the course of three or four years, despite promoting the idea all around the place. (You can see it here.) Pity – surely it would be of use to students and teachers to have examples readily available of what works, in terms of exams and college entry; in the end we gave up and took ‘Young Circa’ off our navbar.

More about the site another time. It’s worth noting in passing, though, that for a few years the website was ranked #1 in the world for a search on ‘art magazine’; we’ve slipped a bit since then – time, funds, time=funds excuse again – but still register an average of over 2,500 visitors to the site per day.