The performer clears his informal stage. Then using his extraordinary vocal ability, he copies the sound of a chainsaw as it labours through living wood. It’s a simple, direct and moving response to the destruction of his homeland; it’s the sort of artistic performance you’d love more of – pithy, straight to the point, fully engaged, at its heart all about survival itself. This art is troubled only by this lyre bird’s ability to imitate other sounds with incredible accuracy – car alarms, camera shutters, etc.

OK, maybe it’s not art as we know it. But one of the most enjoyable things about art is its indefinability. It’s a conundrum that has rattled philosophers for millennia. On Circa’s Twitter page (look for ‘CircaArtMag’), Barbara Knezevic has been feeding quotes from artists and others about the nature of art. Have a look; and on our Facebook page (‘Circa Art’) you can catch some of the responses, and make your own.