The short digital animation Endgame (26 September 2005) is a complementary work to the printed project Statement (28 July 2005) featured in Circa issue 119 (Spring, 2007). The works are part of an ongoing project revisiting the subject of IRA decommissioning in 2005.

Endgame (26 September 2005) is comprised of several colour photographs taken of General John De Chastelain as he answered questions live on television, from the international media following his physical inspection of Irish Republican Army weapons being put “permanently beyond use” as outlined in the IRA statement of July the same year. The audio is taken from the same press conference, where the General answers questions regarding the sincerity and validity of the IRA’s claims as compared to his personal inspections over the year. As with Statement (28 July 2005), particular words from the dialogue are presented to the viewer. The power words here relate a definite placement of the speaker as witness and assert his position as irrefutable in his historical activities. While he answers the question in a typically longwinded fashion, the answer is ultimately one of simplicity and unwaveringly positive: yes.

Barry W. Hughes / Bahs

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